Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Morley!

It was a mission getting close to this one! ...

A new morley went up this week...? yesterday...? today...? someday...?
This one is on a center divider, which made it complicated to get to at noon. who knew Los Feliz was a busy street. wait, morley did! haha. I took a couple of far away photos of it because every green light was just a massive amount of cars going on opposite lanes. I finally decided to cross the street to get a couple of close ups, but  once i got to it every car passing by decided to honk. They probably thought i was the one pasting it. i wish! A highway patrol drove by on the far end lane and told me (through the speakers) to cross back to the sidewalk and to not walk on the center divider. I was able to take a couple of close up photos before I had to run back to the sidewalk. Sure enough as soon as I got to the sidewalk the highway patrol was on his way back on the opposite side and this time on the lane closer to the divider. damn. haha

I received a text. haha.

Highway Patrol coming back.

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  1. Morley Rules. I think you're terrific and love this blog.